Treasure, an online market for sharing and collecting historic artifacts, 

Offers the Opportunity to Co-Own a Piece of Oscars History.

Los Angeles, CA - March 11th, 2023- Treasure, an online platform for sharing and collecting rare and historic items, is excited to announce the listing of an Oscar Academy Award for Cinematography on its website. This is a unique opportunity for movie enthusiasts to own a piece of history and co-own an Oscar. was launched on March 8th, 2023, to serve the collecting community by democratizing historic artifacts and collectibles. The platform allows users to buy shares of collectibles, including this historic Oscar, for the enjoyment of collecting and preserving the history of the item.

"We are thrilled to offer our users the opportunity to own a piece of Oscars history. By co-owning this award, people can share in the pride of ownership and control the future of the item. " said Danny Fontana, Founder and CEO of Treasure.

Since 1950, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has retained ownership of each Oscar statue awarded, making access to an Oscar statuette rare and special. However, with Treasure, collectors can own a share of a historic Oscar and preserve it for generations to come.

The Oscar listed on was awarded on April 3rd, 1930, making it one of the earliest Oscars ever presented. It is the award for Best Cinematography and was presented at the second-ever Academy Awards ceremony. The base of the statue is smaller than modern Oscars, as the larger base was introduced in 1945. This makes the Oscar even more special. The movie for which the Oscar was awarded, released in 1928, was one of the first films to have a pre-recorded soundtrack. It also featured the first-ever roar of the famous MGM mascot, Leo the Lion. This historic award was presented during the first-ever public broadcast of the Academy Awards, making it a true piece of entertainment history.

Treasure offers a user-friendly platform, collectable share hosting, robust user comment forums and secure payment via stripe. By purchasing shares of the Oscar on offer, collectors and movie enthusiasts will have a unique opportunity to co-own a piece of Hollywood history and preserve it for future generations.

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