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mobile i Software creates, develops, and markets Apps for iOS Mobile Devices.

Where did you get the name "miSoft"?  -  miSoft = mobile i Software

Try this link for Apple's Troubleshooting Tips:

If you are having trouble accessing any parts of Apple on-line system, please follow this link to see Apple's current  Apple & App Store System Status Updates:

For Support please contact us at:

Note:  We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our Apps, and take pride in our outstanding record of timely email responses!  Please never hesitate to email and ask any questions!

Most emails we do receive involve memory or app download issues. These are out the the control of any App or Developer.  Memory issues are solved by preforming a fresh Re-Boot of your Device, per Apple's instructions (see troubleshooting link above). Corrupt downloads must be re-installed, usually by deleting and re-downloading a fresh copy from the App Store and your iCloud Account. Apple does not charge an account twice for the same App, see Apple & iCloud Terms of Use. Note that re-installing will delete projects Saved in the App.

Cineverse is a cloud-based photo & video social site where users freely share and enjoy creative content with others around the world. Right to access Cineverse is offered only to registered iTunes users who are of appropriate age under applicable law in their territory..

- mobile i Software products Apps have NO User Tracking Code, NO hidden functions, and mobile i Software in no way Collects private information about our Users. In addition, mobile i Software itself does not collect or sell any User Data to any 3rd party.  We can not control the actions of 3rd party Ad Networks, and encourage Users to check with Ad Network Terms & Details before sharing iDevices with Minors, as well as check their iDevice Settings App to set Parental and other Controls for Ad Services and WEB Browsers accessed within Ad Content or otherwise. Also, some mobile i Software Apps may post Images to various Social Networks with or without continual verification, such Apps require Registered Passwords with Apple, iTunes, and/or a 3rd Party Network for initial App Download and/or Posting. 

- In addition to our in-house Ads for our other Apps which are sold through the App Store mobile i Software utilizes Ad systems from Apple's iAd Network and Google's AdSense & AdMob Networks. We set the settings on these 3rd party networks as best as they permit us in an effort to make their system recognize that some Users who might see their Ads may be younger with parental consent, and we request herein that Ad Networks filter out possibly objectionable content. Please See Apple & Google for applicable policies and further information on their Ads.

-  We work hard to build the most user friendly, intuitive Apps possible!  However, sometimes extra help is needed. With this in mind, most of our Apps have in-App Help Sections, just Tap the '?' button!  In addition, if more help if needed, we encourage the user to contact us at '' for specific help when needed; we really do answer our emails! Please ask before getting frustrated with our Apps!

Terms of Use -  Users of our products must register with snd agree to the Terms of Service of the Apple iTunes Store. All use of this web site and all miSoft and mobile i Software products is completely discretionary and for personal entertainment purposes by adults only as defined under applicable law. mobile i Software makes no representations or warranties whatsoever about any content, products, goods, or services, be they tangible or intangible.  Users, by the nature of such use and otherwise, agree that the act of viewing this site and/or using any mobile i Software Apps and products constitutes initial and continuing acceptance of these terms and unconditionally releases miSoft and mobile i Software of any and all liabilities and responsibilities in any and all jurisdictions, or otherwise, as evidenced and memorialized by their choice of such use and/or continued use. 

- Use of the Cineverse system constitutes a binding statement that you own the rights to the artwork you share, that you release all rights to that artwork under all applicable law and understand that sharing such artwork places that work in the 'public domain'. mobile i Software reserves the right to delete any artwork from Cineverse and/or deny or revoke any right to use Cineverse, in whole or in part, to any one, group, or all users, at any time at its sole discretion.

- Apps are sold under Apple Inc.'s User License each user entered into as part of all Apple iTunes Accounts.

- Samples & Images used in mobile i Software Apps are © various Artists as posted by Artists and copyright holders on locations such as the Public Domain sites:,,  Licensed Images provided by and © and Artists.

-  mobile i Software products products are for the exclusive use of registered Adult Apple iOS users who purchase them through the Apple iTunes App Store and install them on proper licensed Apple devices per the terms of Apple User Agreements. iTunes Users take full responsibility herein for giving iDevice Access to minors.

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